The Ancient Theater and the Museum of Art and History are open daily from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. The sound tour of the Arc de Triomphe is freely accessible, every day from 9am to 8.30pm.

From Roman to modern genius



New visitor areas have been created! Don’t delay in discovering the didactic path “From the Roman genius to the modern genius” and learn how the Roman genius was able to develop in a remarkable way and to leave its mark on our modern culture and civilization.

Located in 4 alcoves of the ancient theater, the visit is accessible to children and adults, every day during the opening hours of the monument.

The theater

The first alcove has the theme of the theater, where you can discover the origin of the Latin theater, in its architectural structure, in its scenography, but also its theatrical genres and its public.

It is a question of understanding the evolution and the improvements brought by the Romans, compared to the Greek theater. Let yourself be transported into the world of costumes and special effects, already very advanced in this period of antiquity.

Through didactic panels, sound discoveries, tactile models or playful animations, the Roman theater will reveal all its facets.


The second alcove is about writing, school and laws. The Latin alphabet and its writing are indeed a direct legacy of the Roman era, allowing us to transmit the knowledge and works of Roman scholars through ancient texts.

You will discover writing supports, as sophisticated as varied (engraved stone, wax tablets, etc.).

Because a civilization as important as that of the Romans could not have extended its cultural and political power without the help of major players, whether architects, engineers or politicians, the tour addresses the theme of the school, a place of transmission of knowledge and learning.

Through the eyes of a young Roman, the details of the school system will be revealed.

Finally, the Roman Laws, remarkable in their kind, are discussed to put under the spotlight this foundation of Roman society.

To enhance the discovery of this space, you can reproduce the Roman writing or listen to a lesson given by a schoolmaster…


The third alcove focuses on hydraulics and the inventiveness of the Romans in their relationship with water. Whether it is in the development of the territories and the water supply with the aqueducts or the thermalism, the Romans have shown a certain spirit of ingenuity. The figure of the engineer is central : he experiments, observes, notes, strives to innovate, to push back the limits of knowledge. This room is didactic in its approach (tactile model, animation), but will also immerse you in a special atmosphere, as to feel the omnipresence of water.


Have you ever wondered what our Roman ancestors ate, how often they ate, how they got their food? Answers can be found in the fourth alcove, dedicated to leisure and gastronomy. In the thermopolium, ancestor of the fast-food restaurant, you can observe the composition of a plate and learn more about the Roman culinary art through an interactive game and a multimedia buffet (sounds, flavors, texts, etc.).

You can also play hopscotch or dice, which were very popular in Roman times. These daily occupations have evolved over the centuries, in their subject matter, but little in their rules of play. It seems that it only takes a little to awaken the child’s soul in us.